Disconnect, IN (gas), 1/4 MFL Shorter Version (2 1/2″ Tall) – Pin Lock

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The IN (Gas)disconnect for a Cornelius or Firestone Pin Lock Keg. This Connector has a 1/4″ MFL(threaded) Connection. In order to connect to a hose you need a 1/4″MFL to 5/16″ Barb Swivel Nut (assuming you are using 5/16 red gas hose). This will allow for quick disconnects.

  • Parts made in Germany and product assembled in USA.
  • NSF Approved!  Food Grade Plastics.
  • MFL Threaded connections with Swivel nuts allow easy on/off for changing between Pin Lock, Ball Lock, Sanke or for cleaning


advantages of shorter pin lock disconnects:

  • 5/8″ shorter so it will fit in more fridges
  • Shorter length helps eliminate tendency of pin lock posts to leak when “pulled” by hose to one side
  • Same price in kits and separately
  • Quality German made and USA assembled product
  • NSF Approved