GovReg® Inline Secondary

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The GovReg® Inline Secondary Pressure Regulator is designed to streamline installation and reduce beer wastage, ensuring an optimal pour every time. This regulator is built to be tamper-proof, requiring an adjuster tool to set the desired pressure. Once set, there’s no need to worry about unintended adjustments. You have the option to preset these regulators to your desired pressure using our adjustment tool, or we can preset them for you. Simply include your desired pressure in the order notes and email us at help@kegconnection.com, copying shipping@kegconnection.com. The pressure can be adjusted from 4 PSI to 55 PSI. For future adjustments, you can purchase the GovReg® Adjusting Tool, allowing you to modify the pressure as needed.

  • Pressure Range: Adjustable between 4 PSI and 55 PSI.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both direct draw systems (kegerators, fridges, and keezers) and long draw systems.
  • Applications: Ideal for use with beer, soda, carbonated water, wine, coffee, kombucha, and other beverages.
  • Custom PSI Preset: We offer the service to preset the regulator to your specified pressure upon request. Refer to the instructions above for more details.

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